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Salient Features of the Research Proposal
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  The application for the Grant of Research Scheme for a Project at North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, was sent to the EMR Division,CSIR, New Delhi ,in the month of September,2000. by Dr.S.Aravamudhan,the Principal Investigator ( PI ) Designate duly attested by the authorities of the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU),Shillong, as required in the prescribed form of the CSIR. On  21st March 2002, the PI could collect a letter from the CSIR recived at the office of the Department of Chemistry, NEHU, Shillong, and the letter conveyed the approval of the Sanction of the Research Scheme. The PI has conveyed to the CSIR that the Commencelent Date of the Scheme would be 01.01.2002.

SECTION C: Detailed Research Proposal (of the NEHU CSIR Research Scheme:Principal Investigator: Dr S Aravamudhan,Lecturer,Department of ChemistryNorth Eastern HillUniversity, Shillong,793022, Meghalaya)



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4. Brief Outlineof the Objectives:   

                                         As it was made out in the title of theproject itself, it has been a persuasive effort by the PI to carry out as much of Solid State NMR work as would be possible fromthe place where the PI's employment supposed tobe tenable,sothat there could eventually a trail at least that some effort toadvance magnetic resonance aspects was taken tolet the users know and be aware of the practicakities of suchexperiments and studies. A minispec (BRUKER at website ) or a Bench-top pulsed NMR (RESONANCE INSTRUMENTS LTD UK , , ) capability canbe made available for the benefit of regional requirements of measuring physical properties of samples from wide-line, time-domain,transient NMR Signals.

5. Significance of the Project: {see below the insertion dated  08-11-2004}

                                             Since only an AC 300 (Bruker) High-resolution NMR spectrometer (for liquid samples) is available, the first step would be toobtain isotropic Chemical-shifts (usually gathered from the liquid-state NMR) from solid powder specimens by equipping with a Magic Angle Sample Spinning (MASS) accessory. Since know-how for the construction of suchMAS probe is available within the country (Poster presentation at the NMRS Symposium at IIT/Delhi in Feb.1997 by Ranpura(TIFR,Bombay & Ganapathy NCL,Pune) and with the experience of the PI in such probe constructions, it is intended to take efforts to construct such probe (instead of buying an accessory unit) indigeously. This would facilitate themulti-nuclear facility of the AC 300 more effective and the RSIC would be able tofurnish much better utilization criteria forthe NMR facility.Since at the National Chemical Laboratory, a variety of PC (work stations) data acquiring from the(raw-data in the form of simple FID's from the console through appropriate interface and soft-ware transfer packages) are in-house in NCL,if it would be possible to obtain these FID data from a location like NCL to a location like RSIC,NEHU by appropriate transfer means,the difficulties associated with actually housing expensive spectrometers requiring stringent maintenance conditions could be localised to favourable sites and only data could be transferred and processed and stored at a place where the results could be useful. It is intended tolook forsuch modalities of operation by acquiring work-stations(PC's and soft-wares)when this project could be found viable for funding by the EMR Division of the CSIR. There could be mutual advantage due to PI's paticipationin the single-crystal , multiple-pulse, CP MASS & CRAMPS exoeriments being initiated at NCL.

            PHASING OF THE PROJECT:                                                                                                                                            

(i) Construction of MASS probe for AC 300 Spectrometer at the RSIC,  NEHU. 

                                                                                                                                                                              (ii) Simultaneously acquire & install work-station facilities for NMR ata acquiring and processing, to proceed with the objectives outlined in items 4,5 Section C .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (iii) For the above look for technically qualified people to be staff in the project and hence train/qualify personnel inSolid-state aspects.                                  

(iv) To try toprovide a simple bench-top pulsed NMR facility (for demonstrations and for the practical utilization of NMR methods in measuring physical properties by wide-line ,time-domain, transient NMR signals - properties like the proton count, viscosity, droplet sizes, charcoal analysisetc., Several of these properties are required frequently in various contexts in this region and the potentialof NMR is yet tobe tapped for  these purposes .

Insertion: Added on 08-11-2004
In fact the inspiration to go about this construction of a Magic Angle Spinning accessory for solid powder samples was initially available from the publication of the simple possibility of such experiments Using  a Conventional Fourier Transform NMR Spectrometer by David J. Burton, Robin K.Harris, Lawrence H.Merwin in the "Journal of Magnetic Resonance" as Communications in Volume 39, pages 159-162, Year 1980.
 Visitors to this site are hereby requested to pay due attention to the materials and those aspirants who would like to know about the possibilities of being appointed as staff in this project may visit also the site and with all the informations gathered set out to correspond appropritely early enough.- PI