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This page on display for view is for provisional informations which would be altered sooner or later. 
A few photographs received from Bruker BioSpin in response to the P.I.'s queries on the imported probe assembly are displayed here.

The two photographs from Bruker BioSpin were Loaded for display on this page as below on 3rd Septmber 2005. This is to be viewed in conjunction with the page on First phase of the Scheme in this site.

PhotoGraph from Bruker BioSpin, Switzerland
Photo Graph depicts the Transmitter / Receiver connections and leads from the MAS Satator/RF Coil

CLICK on photograph to display another Web Page
Dr.S.Aravamudhan, Principal Investigator ,CSIR Project

Photograph from Bruker BioSpin, Switzerland
brukerphoto_masprobe_2.jpg Click to view enlarged
Another perspective of the Transmitter/Receiver leads

A CLICK on the photograph above would display the web page http://geocities.com/amudhan_nehu/highlights.html which contains 8 web pages by this P.I. in a FRAMED window.
A glimpse at the Web Page http://geocities.com/amudhan20012000/ismarmemb_605.html would indicate the presence of most of the hotlinks inscribed in this page would suffice to know most about the trends of activities of Dr.S.Aravamudhan
The second link in the Web Page URL: http://geocities.com/amudhan_nehu/index.html is a full length article in the context for an application of NMR. This MS Word document contains about 20 pages and a few pages are devoted for an elementary description of NMR intended for people who have not known about Nuclear Magnetic Resoance [ NMR ]

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