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Spend a while by displaying the web site  and navjgating through the pages for the Web Building Features and for the subject of scientific study as documented by this author in those web Pages.Then proceed to read through the contents below and send-in your answers by check box and messages by comment box   -----S.Aravamudhan
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The purpose of this webpage is to suggest for display and view a Web Page built by me for Science Documentation. This has been built with the "Tripod" Webbuilding features. If this kind of documentation finds an appeal, those who are inclined to use such tools of Information Technology for promoting Science Communication may try to take initiative using the interactive Web page add-ons built in above in this Web Page.    ------------S.Aravamudhan.

The Scientific content documented in these pages pertins to the topic of magnetic resonance, particularly the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - N.M.R. Besides the interests in the Webpage building what can be interesting in this context is  the phenomenon of induced fields arising at specific sites within the substance, when materials are placed in external magnetic fields. Such fields are induced due to the changes in electron circulations in atoms and molecules which, in turn, means that the magnetic susceptibilities of electron charge clouds and the corresponding magnetic moments which cause the magnetization of materials. these can be absorbing when considered from the point of view of interpreting NMR spectra.


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The information for contacts and the present occupational particulars about Dr.S.Aravamudhan are available from the Web Page URL: . The Web page built by Dr.S.Aravamudhan displayable at the URL: is an example illustrating how to use the Computer "Office Tools" softwares for generating Science Documentation materials as drawings and graphics. Further few [ 8 distinct URLs] Webpages are all viewable at one instance in one FRAMED Single-window-Webpage-display { }. These would inspire a beginner atleast in starting to make use of the Web tools for Science documentation. Also attend to the contents of the Web Page URL: in which these tools have been found as potential classroom teaching utilities.
As it can be found from some of the "geocities" Web Pages linked herein, files of a variety of FORMATs ".doc",".ppt", ".xls" etc., can be uploaded in such a way that they can be given a link at this page so that by clicking on those links, the files can be downloaded. Such features would also be part of this Web Page eventually for illustartion.

Webpage building does not cost much money. In fact most of the Web page documentations cited here for illustration and built by this author are all utilizing the FREE Web hosting facilities available at "Tripod" of Lycos Network and the "Geocities" of the Yahoo. It is not too difficult to learn to access these web hosting facilities. It is mainly the initial breakthrough which has to be established to soon become independently capable of learning from the documented detailed instructions, most often with illustrations and examples.

Trial Page for Webbuilder Features at Tripod