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Relevant particulars on the CSIR Research Scheme,NEHU,Chemistry


Dr.S.Aravamudhan joined the Department of Chemistry, North Eastern Hill University,Shillong on the 15th April 1985 . The curriculum vitae of Dr.Aravamudhan , currently the Principal Investigator in this CSIR Project, can be displayed from the LINK provided by a CLICK HERE
In this web site all the relevant particulars about this CSIR project are covered and they all sorted out in the various pages of this site which have hotlinks for convenience of navigation. There is a page where in an announcement about the requirement for a staff to be appointed in this project and from this advertisement the interested candidate should apply aon plain paper ,as early as possible, to the principal investigator.

                                       TITLE  OF  THE PROJECT
The experimental part of the project is the construction of a Magic Angle Sample Spinning accessory to the AC 300 High Resoltion (solution) Spectrometer. It wpould be possible to obtain solution-like spectra from the POWDER specimens by spinning the sample about an axis at Magic Angle to the applied field direction. Illustration below: 

Providing a MASS accessory to AC 300 for powders
A typical MASS 13c Spectra- STATIC & SPINNING
The Magic Angle Sample Spinning (MASS) accessory can be made available in the HR liquid state spectrometers simply by providing a suitable probe without having to change the Transmitter-receiver part of the spectrometer to the High Power solid state NMR spectrometer models. This enables obtaining MASS spectra for a variety of the nuclei as is available in a Multi-nuclear liquid state HR NMR(AC 300) spectrometers. To obtain better sensitivity for the less abundant nuclei,the MASS spectra are obtained usually with additional  sensitivity enhancement by the solid-state 'cross-polarisation' (CP) techniques and such experiments are known as CPMASS  experiments. But, adding this feature for CP techniques would require escalating the spectrometer specifications to that of SOLID-STATE NMR models which is not as simple as providing a simple probe assembly only.
The Calculation aspects of the Shielding parameters with emphasis on the efforts made by the Principal Investigator (PI) till now are compiled in the webpages of a Website: for accessing the website describing the outline of the research profile of Dr.S.Aravamudhan,Principal Investigator in the Project,bring the cursor on to the 'click here' line below this text and click. 

A website which is intended to be more brodbased , frequently updated with the current trends and on-going activities would be at the URL: http://saravamudhan.tripod.com/

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