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Mobile Phone: +91 9862053872
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Copy of final draft of manuscript of Paper and  a pdf copy of the Paper
Published in Indian Journal of Physics,Vol.79(9), p 985-989 (2005)
CMDAYS 2011, Gauhati University, Aug 24-26,2011

WMBS-I at NEHU , Shillong, 2010
WMBS-II at MZU , Aizawl, 2012

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Name: Sankarampadi ARAVAMUDHAN
b. Designation (before superannuation)

Position after 30-11-2006---->

Date of superannuation
Assistant Professor:  Department of Chemistry

Professor  ;communication from UGC      For details :- CLICK HERE
Correspondence on Insurance Claim from   Deutsche Versicherungsbund Berlin

30-11-2006   You may CLICK Here             This section updated: The Shillong Tuesday, February 18, 2014 while at Home town: Chennai
                                                                                                                                                                                 26B, PT Rajan Salai, KK Nagar, Chennai 600078 Tamil Nadu
Full Official Address,
Telephone,Fax, E-mail
Sankarampadi ARAVAMUDHAN                     Phone:+913642722615   Cell:+919862053872 (Main SIM Card)                                                                                                                         +918974037417 (Additional SIM Card)
Department of Chemistry:                                    Fax: +913642550076   &   +913642550486
North Eastern Hill University                                Email:
PO NEHU Campus Mawkynroh Umshing           
SHILLONG 793022 Meghalaya INDIA               
Date of birth 01-12-1944
Highest Degree University/Institute
Ph.D.,            INDIAN INSTITUTE of Technology, Kanpur
17th May 1975           Synopsis  of the Ph.D., thesis.
Research specialization: (Major Scientific fields of interest):
Magnetic Resonance:Theory, Experiment , Instrumentation :CURRENT STATUS of Activties in BOX below
Research experience during the last 5 years of service:- Dr.S.Aravamudhan attained the age of superannuation (62 years) on 30th November 2006.
During Dec.2006-Feb.2009, and till now, Dr.Aravamudhan participated in about 20 scientific events, presenting papers and delivering lectures on Magnetic resonance and the applications as can be seen from the WebSite

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This section revised: The Shillong Sunday, September 04, 2011.
After superannuation, the activities could be  pursued and progress is being made  on the tasks which were initiated earlier and envisaged for a much longer duration CLICK  & Jump to  #PostRetirement.   Currently the activities  at the Department of Chemistry,  (as Pensioner at NEHU, Shillong)   include a molecular dynamics calculation, which is being carried out using a PCGAMESS software to be able to know the trends in the inter molecular approaches and dispositions while the molecules get closer  or when they are closely packed. On the basis of this, it would be possible to arrive at appropriate molecular clusters at optimized locations with respect to each other. The position coordinates of such structures can further be used as inputs into calculations using DFT algorithms to find the extent of intermolecular contributions in the cluster of molecules in comparison with the isolated chemical shift values. This approach can be yielding the necessary criteria for improving the applicability of Magnetic Dipole Model for intra and inter molecular Shielding contributions as envisaged in the two references cited at the end of the enumeration under Impact of Results in the beginning of a resume downloadable from a link at the top of this page (Annexure-I in the resume). An example of the efforts made in this direction is the Video movie file embedded in the webpage:
  "" .  these together with the efforts to construct a MASS Probe accessory for the FT NMR can give the necessary impetus to further promote the wider use of the NMR spectroscopy and the better utilization of the existing NMR facility. The website contains comprhensive set of links and info on my current activities. Also view  My Channel   of Dr.S.Aravamudhan at and find several e-learning materials (Video uploads) related to the research interests.

(1)research-chronoflow.pdf      (2)impact-teaching.pdf      (3) ugcinno-csirschm-20april2013.pdf
The contents of the first two pdf files linked above is dispalyed image format below
The third .pdf file linked above is of 9-pages and includes the first two linked pages also in the contents

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Photograph of Faculty members at a students event held on13th Sept. 2011
This webpage was furnished with the above Photograph image of the faculty members on 5th December 2011, at Shillong

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North Eastern Hill University
(Department of Chemistry)

Nature of work done
Experiment and Theory:- Magnetic Resonance
Static Induced Magnetic Field Distributions & HR PMR in Solids: Consequences to Molecules and Materials

Induced field calculations as could be relevant in Biomolecular magnetic Resonance.

Implementing a   CSIR Research project 
entitled: Shielding Parameters of Nuclei......Crystal..."
  envisaged trends
No. of papers published

One in Refereed Indian Journal.

to National and International

Total number= 30

List can be displayed by:
Membership of National and International Bodies

Life Member:
1. National Magnetic Resonance Society-NMRS,
2. Indian Biophysical Society-IBS,
3. Chemical research Society of India-CRSI.
4. Life Member of the National Chemistry Teachers Association
5. Life Member of the Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) Kolkata.   Membership No. L13931

Annual member :
Subscribed Member : International Society for Magnetic Resonance
Was a subscridsed member of Groupement Ampere for 5 Years during 2006-2012
Was a subscribed Member for 2 years during 2010-2012 : American Chemical Society
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A VIDEO SUMMARY of Research Work & Results: Dr.S.Aravamudhan
A summary of the objectives of the research, methods used and the findings from the research activities of Dr. Aravamudhan are documented in the VIDEO to appropriately look for details in the Full Paper manuscripts(FP) downloadable from  a repository.  This Video file is about 108MB in size and depending upon the Internet Connection Speed, the first loading of the file to computer might take from 30 minutes-1hour. Then the repeated playing would be streaming in smoothly.
The above Video is obtained by Converting a PowerPoint presentation file, for which the slides and other materials were gathered from several lectures/PostePresentations and oral presentations.The PowerPoint version can be downloaded from the link:
This ppt file is about 4MB in size and contains 50 Slides automatically timed for a show. Show time is 48 Minutes.

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Links for Profile

Personal page link at N.E.H.U. Official Website
Official Website of NEHU
More detailed resume of Dr.S.Aravamudhan
Full Contact info: Dr.S.Aravamudhan
A list of Web pages built by Dr.S.Aravamudhan; related to research activities
List of participated conference events for 2005
List of participated conference events for 2006
Website for Dr.S.Aravamudhan's initiatives in CSIR project
Scheme under UGC Innovation Programme

The flash movie at the Lower end of the right side column is the Talk by Dr. S. Aravamudhan on "SCIENCE, ARTS and CULTURE", broadcast by Gyan Vani SHILLONG station (F.M. 103.6 MHZ)in Aug 2009. The file is 110MB size (16mins22Secs duration)and unless there is High Speed internet Connection, the initial loading might take considerable time.
   Below is the Flash movie by Dr.S.Aravamudhan

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