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Dr.S.Aravamudhan: A photograph
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There are links to URLs which are hosted at the "". This yahoo webhosting service has been closed and any page saved in the "geocities" would not be retrievable now. However, the author has made the effort to make available these geocities pages in another webhosting service with different domain name. The file names and some of the directory names have been retained while reposting the material. These renewed postings have been listed at : . Identify the 'html'  file name in the list and possibly the materials can be retrieved as if from the geocities posting.                                     added on 18th Aug. 2010
How to make a webpage so inviting that people would want to visit the page several times and get possibly motivated to learn to build similar pages and benefit by webpage documentation ?
Thus this is a call from vieweres for their suggestions!
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A WebSite was built by Dr.Aravamudhan for the Regional Center of National Afforestation and Eco-development Board at Shillong. The 'Contact Us' page of this site provides features which can be helpful in getting involved in this activity. CLICK on the link URL: 
Dr.S.Aravamudhan--->;      Contact Info           BIODATA         Aravamudhan_Resume

A Personal Internet Domain @:

CLICK here & JUMP to a Talk on SCIENCE, ARTS & CULTURE,-F.M. Radio Broadcast feature of Gyan Vani-SHILLONG
GVTALK   TALK in audio track and a synchronized video display of The SCRIPT

A presentation File on E-Learning: Lecture by Dr. S. Aravamudhan at a WORKSHOP

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There are more than one online video movies and if all of them are loading simulatneously, the transfer may be slowed down for all. Using the controls on panel of each video, set each of them to load independently one after another and finally they can all be viewed at will. Or let only the viseo of interest load and set all other on "pause" or "stop"

GVTALK TALK in audio track and a synchronized video display of The SCRIPT

This feature was added on  6th Sept 2009
Find below a Video file Displaying the Script Synchronously with the Audio track. containing the recorded Talk of Dr. Aravamudhan. This talk is the broadcast at the Gyan Vani transmission of the IGNOU, at the FM radio Shillong station of the Gyan Vani (103.6 MHz) in Aug. 2009: Due to the artifact while recording during the broadcast, the 16min 22 sec file has a blank soundless stretch of about 10 secs at the 94th Sec (1min 34 sec.) till 103 Sec. (1min 43 sec). NOTE: This flash file is of 110 MB size and unless the bandwidths are good the on-line streaming of the files may be slow initially and may not be continuous. The initial loading might take about 1 hour. In the link  HERE Find only the mp3 audio file plyeable online.
While in the GVTALK feature below an effort is made to convey the differences between Science and Arts,  at the WebSite of Materials Research Society  ( MRSMRS announces the   "Science as Arts"   series of Exhibitions. Find a link with link title as "Science as Arts at MRS Meetings" in my website                                                            text added on 03-12-2009


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logo copied from the Governement of India Portal The video movie file is extracted from the National Portal of INDIA; on 15th August 2008 at 2:01 PM(first video from left): This video is playing online from the resources at    ; (the second video) from  which was added on 15th Aug. 2009 at 8:46AM and (the third video) from  which was added on 15th Aug. 2009 at 8:43AM (all of these video files are set for 'autostart'; as soon as this page is dispalyed stop one of them from playing to view the other only)




Below the audio feature:
64th Independence Day EVe: Address to the nation by The President of India:
on 14th Aug. 2010 ; DD National Telecast 7.00-8.00PM
(added on 15th August 2010 at 6:30AM)

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Participation in National science Day Exhibition

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Participation in Science popularization

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Participation in Workshop on
Intellectual Property Rights

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A hotlink reference to the article published in the ejournal IJRDET:-
This Video feature was on display at the on the 17th Dec. 2015 for Celebrating Ludwig von Beethoven's 245th year of Doodle. This Video feature was extracted from the google links and embedded below on the 17th Dec. 2015 at the Lounge, Delhi Airport while waiting to board the flight to Guwahati on return after the IACS2015 event at Jamia Millia Islamia University details of which are at URL:


>                     Video Movie : molecular modelling & molecular dynamics: an illustartion on documenting results of Computation


Our Staff

We have an experienced and dedicated group of teachers and administrators. Each teacher strives to create a supportive and challenging classroom atmosphere to encourage students to participate. We may introduce a teacher on this page, or have a teacher of the month feature like the one below.
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Participation in a National Workshop on
Computers in Chemistry
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As a Chairman of Technical Session at
IIT Madras Annual Chemistry Meet
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Teacher of the Month

The author: Dr.S.Aravammudhan & others
Click for poster site;4th Alpine SSNMR conference!
This is a photograph from the venue of XIV International Biophysics Congress, Argentina April 2002

Dr.Aravamudhan has documented most of conference materials on the internet. Clicking on the photograph (from the venue  of XIV Interenational Biophysics Congress) in this webpage would display a web page which is the POSTER at the "4th Alpine Conference on Solid Stae NMR,: New Concepts and Applications" held at Chamonix Mont Blanc, France during 11-15, September 2005. look attentively for the mouse-over messages on images in these webpages!

Dr.Aravamudhan purchased a HEATH KIT, A Micro Processor Trainer Kit Model ET3400 from the Heath Company USA while at the Free University Berlin during year 1978.  The KIT was assembled by Dr.Aravamudhan and was brought along to India in 1978 and the total of 10 units of the lessons on the microprocessor could be learnt within 8 months time during 1978-79. The kit consisted of a final exam kit which dr. Aravamudhan could answer and submit only on 1st Jan. 2007 to USA by courier and received inreturn the credit certtificate with the seal of achievement. The scanned image of the certificate and the Seal can be seen below.

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The full certificate on the right column
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The emblem (SEAL OF ACHIEVEMENT)in the Certificate is on left column

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