Explaining the trends of Nuclear Shielding caused by Magnetic moments related to Susceptibilties Copy

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The 2nd Alpine Conference on Solid-State NMR ,Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France Sept 9-13,2001
ISMAR-CA '98 TU Berlin Aug.1998
The Summing Procedure and the volume elements with the Benzene Molecular Perspective
Shielding- and Demagnetization-factor Calculations
A Graphical Depiction of the Results on the Calculation of Demagnetization
Explanation & illustration of Induced Field Calculations at Points Outside the Specimen Close to it
96th Indian Science Congress:Dividing a Magnetic Moment and Distributing for Ind. Field Calculations
Any Spill Overs from OR to the nanostructures in materials?
Pictorial Depiction of Semimicro Volume Elements Graphical Plots of Calculations
The contribution to International Biophysics Congress,Argentina,April 27-May 1, 2002
Poster Presentation at XIV I.B.C, Buenos Aires
About the author/curriculum vitae/list of contributions,publications
Education Home Room
aram nehu
UGC Innovation Program NEHU
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This page of this website  https://saravamudhan.tripod.com/id12.html (see the left side links-panel: "other related webpages")consists of a list of the contributions in pususance of the title "Explaining the trends of Nuclear Shielding caused by Magnetic moments related to Susceptibilties"

The events which followed after (year 2003) the reports at the above link of "id12.html" are listed and particulars are posted at the tripod site: http://nehuacin.tripod.com/

This page consists of hotlinks to several other web pages built by Dr.S.Aravamudhan on occasions when presentations were made on topics related to the title of this Web Site. An effort has been made in certain "index" pages to enlist all the relevant web pages.

1.  http://geocities.com/amudhan20012000/index.html

2.  http://geocities.com/amudhan20012000/index2.html

3.  http://geocities.com/amudhan_nehu/index.html 

   This web page consists of several hotlinks and uploaded documents with favourite links enlisted.     This is one of the early web pages built by Dr.S.Aravamudhan for documenting Scientific  materials which require to be communicated
    These three web pages  have been an excercise in trying to find out the optimal way to use the Webbuilding tools for purposes of Scientific Documentation. The occasion was the POSTER presentation at the 3rd Alpine Conference on Solid State NMR, Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France during Sep. 14-18, 2003. The contents of this webpage include several links to presentation materials on the progress made after the presentation at the 2nd Alpine Conference on Solid State NMR in Sep. 2001
     This site has been built for the poster presentation of the 6th Nastional Symposium of the Chemical Resaerch Society of India 'CRSI' during feb.2003. The 8th meeting of this society, nsc8 is being held in Feb.2006. The abstract submitted can be downloaded from  one of the links at the bottom of this page.
    These two Webpages contain the materials presented at the Poster sessions in the 17thEENC/32ndAMPERE held in Lille, France during Sep. 6-11, 2004. These are reports of the progress made after the 3rd Alpine Cionference in 2003.
   These web pages contain the particulars of the conference events during Jan. 2005. These presentation materials are mainly in the context of the Magnetic resonance of biological systems and are relevant in conjunction with the participations at the XIII (New Delhi, 1999) and XIV (Buenos Aires, Argentina 2002) International Biophysics Congress. Also the materials presented in the Indian Biophysics Society are relevant in this context.
    These two Webpages are as explained earlier related to the contributions at the annual Meetings of the Indian Biophysical Society where a refernce also has been made to the participation in the XIV International Biophysics congress.

 Links added for the occasion of 4th Alpine Conferece  

"Contributions / Ensuing events"

Abstract Submitted for EUROMAR2005, Veldhoven, The Netherlands (But, finally did not participate)

Abstract for the 4th Alpine Conference SSNMR

A draft of materials{ [animated slide-show / ".ppt" presentation file] } for 4th Alpine Conference, France, Sept. 11-15,2005

Draft material 4th Alpine - A "pdf" version of the above powerpoint file; requires adobe acrobat reader

Copy of manuscript of Paper in Indian Journal of Physics, Vol.79(9), p 985-989 (2005)

Full Paper for the Presentation at Regional Seminar on Materials & their Applications

Poster Presentation at the National Symposium of the INDIAN BIOPHYSICAL SOCIETY: IBS2006, Jan.7-9, 2006

A link for the documentation on the events during 2006

A compilation of related materials on the occasion of EUROMAR2006

The IIT/Madras Chemistry Annual meeting and the First Midyear CRSI meeting July 12-13, 2006 at IIT/Madras

Find on the left side top Links to other pages of this WebSite. On the HOME PAGE, an Email Form has been provided which can be used for sending queries/comments to the author.

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