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There are links to URLs which are hosted at the "". This yahoo webhosting service has been closed and any page saved in the "geocities" would not be retrievable now. However, the author has made the effort to make available these geocities pages in another webhosting service with different domain name. The file names and some of the directory names have been retained while reposting the material. These renewed postings have been listed at : . Identify the 'html'  file name in the list and possibly the materials can be retrieved as if from the geocities posting.                                     added on 18th Aug. 2010

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Dr.S.Aravamudhan Chemistry N.E.H.U., Shillong
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Welcome to this web site!

Spend a while by displaying the web site:  and navigating through the pages for the Web Building Features and for the subject of scientific study as documented by this author in those web Pages.Then proceed to read through the contents below. S.Aravamudhan

Find below a prpesentation file in Video Format, trying to explain in part the significance of the initiative in building this website. (When the page is loaded the video at the end of this page will play the audio tarck. Set it to off by clicking on 'sound off' button provided there.)
A Video Movie on E-Learing
A Video Movie on PULSED FT NMR

Find below links for two downloadable files. The first one is an article on "NMR  as a tool for Structure Determination" for College and University levels . The second one is an NMR movie of the ACD Labs demonstrating features of a NMR software product.

An elementary article on NMR by Aravamudhan,S

The nmr article as in the .pdf file above have also been posted in a separate web page which can be displayed at the URL:

An NMR Movie of ACD Labs

In the event of the "NMR Movie" file above is not downloadable from this link, click and display the "Demo Movies" page of the ACD Labs from the link below: (These lines inserted on Wednesday, January 02, 2005)
This is the home page.

The purpose of this webpage is to suggest for display and view a Web Page built by me for Science Documentation. This has been built with the "Tripod" Webbuilding features. If this kind of documentation finds an appeal, those who are inclined to use such tools of Information Technology for promoting Science Communication may try to take initiative using the interactive Web page add-ons built in above in this Web Page.    ------------S.Aravamudhan.
The information for contacts and the present occupational particulars about Dr.S.Aravamudhan are available from the Web Page URL: . The Web page built by Dr.S.Aravamudhan displayable at the URL: is an example illustrating how to use the Computer "Office Tools" softwares for generating Science Documentation materials as drawings and graphics. Further few [ 8 distinct URLs] Webpages are all viewable at one instance in one FRAMED Single-window-Webpage-display { }. These would inspire a beginner atleast in starting to make use of the Web tools for Science documentation. Also attend to the contents of the Web Page URL: in which these tools have been found as potential classroom teaching utilities.
As it can be found from some of the "geocities" Web Pages linked herein, files of a variety of FORMATs ".doc",".ppt", ".xls" etc., can be uploaded in such a way that they can be given a link at this page so that by clicking on those links, the files can be downloaded. Such features would also be part of this Web Page eventually for illustartion.
The following five powerpoint animated presentation files illustrate the elementary aspects of the magnetic resonance phenomena for illustarting in a school/college level classrooms Contents of the following five PPT files have now been included in subsequent video files, typically as in PULSED FT NMR embedded movie file above, (PPT converted into Video files) and have been uploaded to youtube video feature at hotlink below (

An Illustration of Dipole Field Distribution and Induced Fields in Solenoidal Coils - click here to download file

Nuclear Magnetic Dipole Interacting with Magnetic Field and starts precessing - click here to download file

Ensemble of Interacting spins result in Built up Magnetization for Magnetic Resonance Detection - Click here to download

CW Detection of Magnetic Resonance: An elemnatry Illustration - click here to download file

Pulsed Magnetic Resonance; Functional forms of Signals and Data Procesing - click here to download file

Graphic of books; Size=130 pixels wide

The Scientific content documented in these pages pertins to the topic of magnetic resonance, particularly the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - N.M.R. Besides the interests in the Webpage building what can be interesting in this context is  the phenomenon of induced fields arising at specific sites within the substance, when materials are placed in external magnetic fields. Such fields are induced due to the changes in electron circulations in atoms and molecules which, in turn, means that the magnetic susceptibilities of electron charge clouds and the corresponding magnetic moments which cause the magnetization of materials. these can be absorbing when considered from the point of view of interpreting NMR spectra.  A Webpage on the proposal under the  INNOVATION  Programme of  UGC 

Illustration of Larmor precession of Spins
A ' .gif ' file animated using GIF Construction Set