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The 98th I.S.C event was covered by the media persons and the video covereage have been made available at the "YOUTUBE" webpages: Dr.Aravamudhan has created a play list in his youtube channel which has the URL:

98th Indian Science Congress: Views from the venue:::On the first day?

Prime Minister
Quotation from Lord Tennyson
Quoted in Everyman's Science-Vol.1, April-May 2015, Page-5; Editorial Pages., ISCA Publication

Comments by a delegate at 98th ISC-2011, SRM UNIVERSITY, Chennai

The above video file in WMV format pleable in Windows Media Player can be downloaded:

A PowerPoint presentation file corresponding to the above videocomments can be downloaded from

The 98th ISC is the first event of 2011 and the other events schedued for Dr.Aravamudhan during Jan-March 2011 are included at URL:

On the occasion of the International Year of Physics, the year 2005, the University Science Instrumentation Centre, NEHU Shillong conducted a one day Seminar on the "EMERGING TRENDS IN INSTRUMENTATION" and Dr.S.Aravamudhan was invited to participate and give a one hour lecture. the gathering consists of mainly the technical assistants in the various Laboratories of NEHU and the material was to be appealing to their requirements. The abstract for this Lecture by this author is given in link below

CLICK HERE  to display a fully furnished Web Page for the contents of the Seminar on the emerging trends in Instrumentation at the USIC, NEHU

99th Indian Science Congress: Year 2012:

Documentation by Delegate #SENY1001005

Archive : Public Lecture - Dr.R.Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Advisor to GoI
Research and Innovation:
Many Dimensions

Tuesday , January 3, 2012, 17.00pm – 17.45pm
Venue : Campus – 6 Auditorium

Public Lecture

Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India
“Research and Innovation: Many Dimensions”

Chairman Dr. Srikumar Banerjee
Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission

Original Source:Live recording

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An introductory exposure to de facto elements of NMR instrumentation

An early days MRI picture of leaf
Click for a Web Site on a CSIR MAS probe Project
Soon another web site would be a mouse over linked on this image
On Friday, 30th September 2005  at 5:19 PM while constructing this page the tripod alert displayed that the website  has not enough space since by now the allotted 20 MB space has been mostly filled. Hence this author has completed the documentation of  the particulars about this national seminar at another URL: