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Recent Results: Comments and Out look

In view of the encouraging turn of event that a Special Offer of the "MAS PK" Probe Body has been possible from Bruker-Biospin, if the processing through the purchase committee at the N.E.H.U., could come forth duly enough [ The original quotation was dated 16th July 2003 and was valid for three months.The valdity of the quotation from Bruker has been extended till 16th Jan.2004 for NEHU to provide the necessary approval to purchase the unit ]then it would enable the progress of the construction of the MAS probe accessory for the NMR Unit at RSIC,NEHU,Shillong.

There were few experiments carried out at TIFR, Mumbai for reasons which would be spelt out in these pages as and when necessary with required references. It is intended with these type of efforts, to coordinate these necessary activities with what is possible and available at other National NMR facilities. A typical result of such effort may be found displayed in the picture on this page.

CLICK on below for http://www.tifr.res.in/~NMR/
Spectra of inner liquid in presence of outer CuSo4 Soln.

The  "CortecNet" are authorised agents of Bruker marketing some of the accessories pertinent for the MAS probe construction.                                                                               

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