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Pictures Displaying Models of Minispec Bruker and Benchtop Resonance
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Prospects for the Rapid Detection of Mealiness in Apples by Nondestructive NMR Relaxometry
P. Barreiro, A. Moya, E. Correa, M. Ruiz-Altisent, M. Fernández-Valle, A. Peirs, K. M. Wright, and B. P. Hills

The potential of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) relaxometry for quantitative evaluation of apple mealiness has been investigated. The degree of "mealiness" was defined by several mechanical techniques, including penetration, compression and shear rupture as well as by the BRIX (soluble solids) and juiciness levels. These data were correlated with both magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and NMR water proton transverse relaxation time measurements on a fruit-by-fruit basis. It was found that increasing mealiness caused a systematic increase in the transverse relaxation rate. The potential for rapid, on-line NMR/MRI detection of apple mealiness is discussed.

Applied Magnetic Resonance, Nr. 22/ 2, 2002

A prospective experiment which should possibly be realized with a "Bruker Minispec " or a "Resonance Instruments Bench-top " Solid state Pulsed NMR Systems intended to be acquired under the CSIR Research Scheme entitled " Shielding Parameters of Nuclei: Facilities for the Experimental Determination and Calculations by Theoretical Procedures: to obtain information on the Crystal structures and Molecular Structures"

Principal Investigator:

Dr.S.Aravamudhan, Lecturer in Chemistry, North Eastern Hill University, SHILLONG, 793022