Explaining the trends of Nuclear Shielding caused by Magnetic moments related to Susceptibilties Copy

Explanation & illustration of Induced Field Calculations at Points Outside the Specimen Close to it
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Explanation & illustration of Induced Field Calculations at Points Outside the Specimen Close to it
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Calculated Induced Field Outside Close to Specimen
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Considering the plots above, when the sphere is about 2.5units in radius, the field can be calculated with reasonable linearity against the reciprocal cube of the distance, even at points as close as 3.0 units from the centre of the sphere. The corresponding curve for the single dipole at the centre maintains the expected linearity even at points inside the specimen but as it should in the case of the distributed volume elements the linearity does not hold when the points are close to the surface of the sphere.This indicates the trends are alright and the apparent linearity of the single dipole case donot bring any factual trends at these distances.

The picture above is linked to a Web Page [Click on the picture above to display that page] which contains the Poster materials displayed at the International Conference on Magnetic Resonance of Biological Systems, held in Hyderabad, INDIA during Jan 16-21,2005. The SHEET-14 of this poster is titled "Calculating the induced field at a point out sied the magnetized sphere " and it has also link to this page in return by emphasizing this  advantage of the method.

The particulars about this event "ICMRBS2005" are posted in the URL: http://geocities.com/inboxnehu_sa/conference_events_2005.html